Our integrated art education program becomes part of your school’s daily routine. The Young Artist Academy provides a highly trained instructors who teaches lessons focus upon the elements of art, artist techniques, art history, artist styles and the sequential development of skills.

Students learn a realistic drawing program. Curriculum is varied to include teaching still-life, the figure, landscape, portraiture, cartooning, and more. This high quality fine art program offers art instruction that goes far beyond cut and paste, and arts & crafts. It teaches a student how to “see” in a new way, and offers in deep understanding of how to draw.

Art Classes

We offer ongoing year-round art classes. Each class offers new and imagination-engaging activities. The Young Artist Academy will play a central role for each student to learn through activity and through things, the arts curriculum will seek to further the goals of creating intrinsically motivated learners by allowing students to declare an arts specialty that taps their sense of creative exploration.

After School Classes

The Young Artist Academy has also an excellent after school program for children and teens in Miami-Dade county area, where they are exposed to “weekly art classes” that include: drawing, painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor, all in one unique Art Program.  Our after school program have been created to build fun, innovative, and academically enriching activities that not only engage students, but extend their knowledge in new ways and increase academic achievement. Our classes are innovative not repetitive and dull, strongly academic with our unique method surrounding the learning of the art masters, drawing and painting techniques, and most importantly the children attending our classes often find themselves learning in a warm, safe and relaxed environment . We actively engage and connect with the children in their classes, providing a fun and stimulating experience from beginning to end and we have very low student-to-teacher ratios. The Young Artist Academy program provides a supportive, fun environment for children to develop creativity, stretch their imagination, and learn art concepts and techniques.

Summer Camp Class/ Spring Break Camp Class

Your child will love our Art Camps!

Our art camps for children and teens in Miami area are offered during spring break/summer vacation or other school breaks. Children enter a creative and magical world where they create, design, explore and use their imaginations.

Each class focus in specific theme and techniques, every class changes from session to session, so your child can even take the same class multiple times, and s/he will always experience something new. Students manipulate their mediums through various implements and devices. This is the class that takes art beyond a piece of paper! Make spectacular works of art using drawing, painting, collage, and mixed media approach to art where we will explore painting and printing with brushes, colored pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, markers, pastels, acrylics, watercolor, sponges, stamps, stencils, sticks, and experiment with a variety of brush-tools and more! Click here for our after school/portfolio prep schedule for young artists!

Portfolio Prep Class

Our Art Portfolio Prep classes are for students grades 5 and up, preparing them to showcase their creative talent in a way that’s conducive to impressing admissions officers at Miami-Dade County Public Schools Art Magnet program, winning awards, securing scholarships, and top-ranked art colleges, and even, University level. In a group class,  6 to 12 students learn together in a relaxed atmosphere. During the school year, group classes are scheduled during after-school and weekend hours. Most classes meet once a week, and most are 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours long.

We concentrate on observational drawing skills using a variety of 2-D media and 3-D, specific subject matter such as still-life set-ups, objects, natural forms, portraits and the surrounding landscape and/or cityscape. Students learn numerous skills and techniques for representational drawing by focusing on and capturing what they see using contour line, value, shading and contrast to create a sense of form with understanding of space and volume. Composition is emphasized as students make purposeful decisions about how to organize space within a 2-dimensional picture plane.

Using both conventional and unconventional drawing and painting tools, students investigate the use of color as it relates to the development of symbolic and expressive form. Gesture and line quality are carefully considered as powerful means of expression. Working from observation, imagination, music, dreams and memory, students become comfortable thinking outside the box when it comes to their own creative possibilities with the goal of producing portfolio-quality work that reflects an individual style as well as understanding of foundational skills.

  • One-on-one portfolio reviews and consultation.
  • Instruction is individualized: students may begin at basic, advanced, or accelerated levels.
  • Classes taught by professional artists.
  • High-school art students learn skills preparing them for their first year of college as well as for their portfolio.
  • Our students have a 99% success rate in receiving acceptance  to their first-choice art magnet schools.


Creativity lives in all of us. Doesn’t the world need more creative thinkers?

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